What to do during an eclipse

During an eclipse, the celestial light of the Sun or Moon is blocked. In our spiritual tradition, this is considered to be a time when tamasic qualities like negativity, confusion, decay, and heaviness are dominant. Anandi Ma and Dileepji advise that we stay indoors during eclipses that are visible in our area, avoid viewing the eclipse, and focus on practices for the duration of an eclipse.

In fact, eclipses are an excellent time to do spiritual practices, since eclipses amplify the effects. Group practices are especially beneficial, but if not possible then individual practices are recommended.

During a prior Sunday Program Satsang, Anandi Ma and Dileepji spoke about eclipses, the recommended practices, and specific eclipse guidelines for disciples. Click here to watch it again in preparation for the next eclipse.

Eclipses happen at least four times in a calendar year, but they’re visible in different parts of the world each time. Visit this guide to learn when the next eclipse is and whether it will be visible in your area.

Why do practices?
During solar and lunar eclipses that are visible in your area, it is recommended that disciples get together to do group spiritual practices (or individual practices when this is not possible) throughout the duration of the eclipse.

Doing practices during these times not only protects against the negativity of the eclipse energy. And doing practices is highly positive in that whatever is practiced becomes perfected much more quickly and easily than at other times.

What practices should I do?
Do japa (repetition) of the Guru Mantra given at shaktipat. If you have received the Rama Raksha Stotram (given during VP2), do that practice. Try to do practices for the duration of the eclipse.
Fasting and food recommendations
Do not eat or drink anything during an eclipse visible in your area. Eclipse energy increases heaviness and decay, so it is best to encourage lighter, sattvic energy by fasting during the hours of the eclipse.

For solar eclipses only: Before the eclipse visible in your area, throw away all previously cooked/prepared foods. As much as possible, buy all fresh food after the eclipse is over. Frozen and canned foods do not need to be thrown away.

Other tips
After an eclipse visible in your area, shower and wash your hair.