Kundalini Maha Yoga

Kundalini Maha Yoga is path of enlightened yogis whose spiritual practices have been passed down in an unbroken lineage. Receiving empowered teachings directly from a realized master deepens and energizes your own personal meditation practice.

Why this path?

Have you felt pulled to find a spiritual path? Something deeper. A spiritual teacher. Or maybe you’ve had powerful experiences meditating, chanting, doing yoga, perhaps some experiences you don’t understand.

We all have within us the divine energy of kundalini, and we might feel it flowing, guiding. Yet how do we actively bring it into our daily lives? We need a way to awaken and steady our energy, use it to unlock the joy and wisdom we carry within us.

“It is the inspiration of the guru and the perspiration of the disciple that brings realization.

I offer my prayers to the great masters, to Vivekanandaji, Ramakrishna, and of course our guru and all the masters of the lineage, that they take an asan, a seat in your heart, and that they inspire you to walk the path of truth.”

—Anandi Ma

Grace is the key

Anandi Ma has said that the grace of the teacher and the effort of the student are like two wings of the bird, that together are sure to carry you to your spiritual goal.

With your energy active, progress on the path is accelerated as you move toward the ultimate experience that all life is one and glows with the divine power of love.

Through the grace of God and Guru, as well as our efforts to practice, the Kundalini begins Her upward journey and we experience spiritual growth.

Blossoming Chakras

As Kundalini rises, she spirals with serpentine power and grace up through the chakras, one by one, activating them with her brilliant light. Each chakra spins to life, fully flowering as it is purified and balanced.

This leads to healing of body and mind, and growing awareness of our oneness with Divine spirit.

An invitation to experience your true self


This is path of self-realization. It is for those who want to know their true self. The first step is shaktipat, to awaken the Kundalini. Then meditation, breathing techniques, mantra repetition, and chanting will lead you to the ultimate goal. There are no tricks. It takes your effort and determination. I invite you to come, sit, meditate and experience your Self.

Shri Anandi Ma is offering shaktipat in Antioch, CA on June 17, 2023.

For more information, click here to contact Cynthia, our shaktipat coordinator.

The importance of practice

Just as you have your meals regularly, similarly your spiritual practice, whatever it may be, is a must. It is the food of the soul, as Guruji said, so do not practice for a day or two and then take a week off and then start again, because that will never take you to the goal. Be regular and consistent, with love and faith.

—Shri Anandi Ma


Meditation is like doing your laundry. Bad habits are washed away. Your desire to do positive actions grows. You want only to be of service. Through meditation, even thieves have become saints. Just as you switch on the light to remove darkness, meditation removes the darkness of ignorance. By meditating daily, your internal life opens, and you gain inner knowledge.

—Shri Dhyanyogi

Read about the path in Shri Dhyanyogi’s own words

Shri Dhyanyogi always taught from his own experience. Whether reading his books on meditation and kundalini or his life story, you will begin to understand the power and subtlety of spiritual practice in a way that goes beyond the intellect.

Dhyanyogi’s Biography

Read the story of the remarkable life of Shri Dhyanyogi, who touched the lives of thousands of seekers around the world.

Light on Meditation

In this book Shri Dhyanyogi reveals the inner workings of meditation, the importance of surrender, and the meaning of experiences on the spiritual path.


Read about the path of Kundalini Maha Yoga in Shri Dhyanyogi’s own words. Learn the science of the chakras and kundalini energy.