Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles

Technical Support

Sita Ram! Please see the guides below for help with common questions or issues.

Watching Live Online

Look here for questions about watching the Sunday Morning broadcast or other events where you are experiencing sound or viewing issues.

Video isn't playing

Start times

The broadcast typically opens 15 minutes prior to the start of the program or event, so that you can join and be ready to begin. If a replay is airing, it is pre-programmed to begin at the designated time rather than start early.

Please be patient and allow a minute or two leeway before or after stated start time, as timing can vary.

Are you running an ad blocker?

If the video is not loading and no sound, turn off any ad blockers running in your browser. Our livestream does not display ads and most ad blockers will allow you to turn off for the individual page.

The IBM platform we use to stream Live Online events uses cookies (for them, not us). After disabling your adblocker for the DYC livestream page, you might see a cookie pop-up asking you to accept, select, or choose “only required” cookies.

Is your video paused?

If it is time for the program and video is not playing, please check whether you have accidentally paused it. Look for the play/pause icon in the lower left corner of the video window.

Refresh the page

If video has not been playing, please refresh your screen. It’s possible the broadcast is playing fine but your browser hasn’t caught up to this. Refresh every so often until you see the program playing.

Check your connection

If your internet connection is slow or spotty, the video might not play smoothly. Please check your ethernet cable or look for stronger wifi or cellular signal. Check whether other usage (other videos, downloads or uploads) at your location is competing for bandwidth.

Not getting any sound

Check volume control

If the program has begun and you aren’t hearing any sound, check the sound control on the video window. Look for the speaker icon next to the play/pause button and be sure the slider is set correctly rather than muted or too low.

Is your video paused?

If it is time for the program and you aren’t getting any sound, please check whether you have accidentally paused the video window. Look for the play/pause icon in the lower left corner of the video window. It’s easy to inadvertently click the video, which pauses it.

Technical difficulties

Sometimes there are technical difficulties with sound. If you see in the chat window that several people are commenting on no sound, please be patient and know that the AV Team is working on it.

Sunday program schedule

The Sunday program schedule can be found on our website’s “Meditate” page:

Typically we begin with chanting, followed by meditation, arati, Prayer for World Peace, then satsang if Anandi Ma and Dileepji are present.

If the Center is closed or the program is canceled due to another event, we will air a replay of a previous Sunday Program.

Joining the Sunday meditation

During meditation, we dim the lights and focus the cameras on Guruji’s murti. This is the time to sit quietly on your asan and focus on your breath while the Mantrochar plays.

When the meditation is over, we will gently return to the rest of the program.

What is the cookie pop-up thing?

When accessing the Sunday Program and some of our other events, you might see a pop-up at the bottom of your screen asking you to accept or set cookie preferences.

This is an IBM Watson Media privacy notice coming from their video streaming software we often use to broadcast events. You may accept or fine-tune your cookie preferences and save your settings. IBM holds your preference so when you revisit, or visit another IBM site, it will not pop up again.

Before typing in the chatbox...

During Sunday programs and retreats, there is a chat box next to the livestream. Before you use the chat, please consider the following requests.

Please fill in your name

When you first click “join chat” you will see a box with a blue border. Please type your name in that box. You will only see it once. 


That box is not for a question. Whatever you type in the blue-bordered box will always show with every comment you type in the chat, so please provide a name there, not your question. This will help the webcast team.

After you put your name in the box, there will be a different space provided for typing a question.

Refresh the page

Before reporting an issue, please refresh the page. If you experience issues such as the livestream freezing or video and audio out of sync, reloading the page can solve the problem.

The webcast team continually monitors the network. Sometimes there are network issues (the livestream platform’s servers or the internet) that cause the feed to become spotty or stop for a moment, but usually these resolve quickly and refreshing your page will bring it back.

Sometimes problems occur with the viewer’s network. Click here for some suggestions for checking your own network connection.

Zoom webinars
Sometimes our events are hosted as Zoom webinars so that Anandi Ma and Dileepji can interact more directly with us. For these events, you might see Zoom requesting that you log in or update your Zoom app.

When an event is hosted on Zoom, you have the option to turn your camera on or leave it off. Ma loves to see our smiling faces, but being on-camera is not a requirement to attend.

These instructions tell how to turn off your video cam on desktop and Android/iOS

For issues signing into Zoom, please refer to Zoom’s sign-in troubleshooting guide.

Accessing Registered Events

Here are questions about attending live online events once you have registered and received an access link.

Where's my access link?
A gray access button is sent to you in your registration confirmation receipt and in a later reminder email about the upcoming event.

Resending the link

If you can’t find your confirmation or reminder emails, visit the event registration page and click the “resend confirmation” link in the upper right corner above the event photo banner.

Where’s the button?

If you are on the DYC website when you click that text link and it looks like all that happens is the photo turns gray, scroll down. Regfox vertically centers the button and our registration pages are quite long, so please scroll past the gray to find the button.

Can’t find your email?

If you are still missing this email, be sure to check your spam folder, “all mail” or other folders such as Gmail’s “promotions” or financial folder.

When does the livestream open?

Livestream for retreats and events opens 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.

Important – Posted times for all events are Pacific Time

I can't access the event

Sharing links breaks access

For security, your access button is keyed specifically to you. If it is shared with another person or you log in and then change locations, the system expires your link.

Switching devices can interfere

If you did not share your link and you have logged in successfully before but now are unable to rejoin the event, most likely you are now on a different IP address than you were before.

EXAMPLE:  A person signs on using their home computer but then later joins via their phone while away from their home wifi. These two locations are two different IP addresses— Home wifi is one, and the cellular is a different one. The launch page sees these as two people trying to share a link, so it blocks access.

In tests, we have been able to watch an event on multiple devices or browsers as long as the IP address is the same.

e.g. All devices/computers at the same location, on the same wifi service. But for good measure, we recommend choosing where to watch and sticking with that location for the duration of the event.

Clear your cache

It’s possible that desktop computer holds the access token in cache memory, so when you switch to laptop or device, the system thinks two people are watching. If you run into this, try clearing your desktop browser cache before accessing on another computer or device.

EXAMPLE: “I was watching the retreat on laptop, then took morning break. After break I started back up on desktop and had no problems streaming. Then I turned off desktop and went back to laptop. Now cannot stream, due to “Token already in use.”

If the system expired your code, we apologize but this is not something we have control over. Please call the office at (925) 779-9660 or send a message to Jayshree.

I can't find the launch button

After you click your access button and reach the launch page, you should see a blue “launch” button once the livestream opens, usually 15 minutes prior to the start of an event.

Check the time

First, check the time and make sure the livestream has opened. Please allow a minute or two of flexibility. If the time is correct and still no launch button, check the tabs.

Check the tabs

If you have clicked on the “downloads” tab to download handouts, this changes the blue launch button to a blue download button (yes, we wish the Regfox system would make these two different colors!).

Since the download buttons hides the launch button, it can seem like you have lost access to the event. Simply click back to the “media” tab, then also click on the name of the event. The button will change back to “launch.”

How to download handouts

Sometimes there are handouts for an event. Here’s how to get them and then get back to the event launch button.

While on the launch page for an event livestream:

1) Click the “downloads” tab and select a file.

2) The blue “launch” button will change to “download” (click it).

3) Then be sure to return to the “media” tab and click the title of the event.

4) This changes the blue button back to “launch” (this is the livestream access).

Event page display issues

Here are some known issues related to how Regfox handles our lengthy registration pages.

Viewing events on our website

For some browsers, event registration pages might not load fully when viewed on the website. If you do not see the event details and registration form (where you can register) displaying, your browser security settings may be blocking it from loading.

Try allowing cookies (out of necessity, event pages use a third party cookie to process payment) or you may use the small blue “click here” link visible on the page, to view the registration page in a separate window.

Resending confirmation link

If you can’t find your confirmation email to access an event, you can visit the event page to request a new copy of the email, which includes your access link.

To do this, go to the registration page for that event, then click the text link above the event photo to “Resend Confirmation.” If you are accessing the event page via the DYC website, you may notice the photo header turns gray when you click the text link and it seems like nothing happens. This is because Regfox centers the button and our registration pages are quite long, so please scroll down to find the button.

Empty white confirmation page

After you register online for an event, you will usually see a page confirming your registration and providing further information. If you see a white screen instead, please scroll up or down to see the content. As with the issue above, Regfox centers the content so the page may look blank when it is not.

We are in touch with Regfox about these technical issues, hopeful that they will change their code at some point to resolve these. Thank you for your patience.

Not receiving replays? (important!)
When we send out replays or other messages after an event is over, Regfox puts a legally required unsubscribe link at the bottom. It says “Don’t want to receive further communication? Click here to unsubscribe.”

If you click unsubscribe, you will no longer receive any event replay links or any post-event messages.

If you are not receiving replay links for events you attended, chances are you may have accidentally unsubscribed. Please let us know.

Email Subscriptions

Here’s information about how to subscribe to the Dhyanyoga Centers Events newsletters and our other email lists. 

What newsletters do you offer?

We send out various types of email newsletters, and you can decide which lists you want to be on. You can change these at any time.

DYC Events & News
These emails are mostly about upcoming events, including reminders to register before the final registration deadlines. On occasion this list will receive other news about special projects, matching grants, etc.

DYC Online Store News
Sign up for this list if you’d like to know about new products or sales. Store newsletters can be as often as monthly, but usually only quarterly.

Prayer Requests
This list is for disciples who are experiencing a life-threatening illness or who have a close loved one who is or who has passed.

Antioch Classes & Kirtan
Be a part of this list if you live near Antioch, CA and want to know when yoga classes, public events or live kirtans are taking place at the Center.

How do I subscribe?

To subscribe to DYC Events & News, Store News, Prayer Requests, or Antioch Classes/Kirtan, click the link below and mark which of these lists you want to be on.





Pick whichever lists you prefer, and change your list preferences any time by clicking “update my preferences” at the bottom of one of the emails you receive.*

Click here to subscribe

*See “How do I edit email preferences?” for more details.

How do I edit email preferences?

Change your list preferences any time by clicking “update your preferences” at the bottom of one of the emails you receive.*

If you click “unsubscribe” instead, it will unsubscribe you from ALL of the email lists. So if you are simply wishing to change which types of email you receive, click to update your preferences instead.

*Please note that if you are also on the disciple email list, you’ll receive some emails where the link only says “update your information” and these don’t include list preferences (because the disciple list is separate). To choose which other lists you want to be on, be sure to use an email where the link at the bottom says “Update your information and list preferences.”

When you click “Update your information and list preferences” you’ll see a web page with a button to request an email link. This is for security purposes so that only you can change your subscription. Click the button and watch your inbox for email access to edit your information or change which types of emails you receive.

What about the disciples email list?

We also send disciple-only emails to those who have received shaktipat in this lineage and are subscribed to the disciples email list. You opt in to this list when you receive shaktipat and you may unsubscribe at any time.

When we are announcing events that are only open to disciples, we typically send these emails to the disciple list rather than the public lists. The disciple list is also for special announcements plus messages from Anandi Ma and Dileepji.

If you have received shaktipat in this lineage but you think you aren’t receiving disciple emails, click here to ask to be included on this mailing list.

Event registration emails

When you register for an event, our event software (Regfox) will send you a confirmation email and receipt plus access link. Later, you might also receive an event update or a reminder email when the event is coming up. These emails are not part of the Dhyanyoga Centers mailing lists.


— Sometimes the event software puts an unsubscribe link at the bottom of these emails to registrants. Please do not unsubscribe. If you do, you will no longer receive information related to the events you are attending.

—When you register for events, always use the same email address. This will keep your registrations all in one place under one email address. If you help someone register, use their email address, not yours, or their registration will be in your account and your account name might change to theirs.

—If you need to change your email address in Regfox, log in and edit your account. This can be accessed at the bottom of the Account page at

Other Topics

Need help with other things on the website? Here are some additional topics. We will continue to add to this section as needed.

My password won't work

Whether you’re entering a password to watch an event replay, download a file, or apply a coupon code, sometimes it can seem like your password isn’t working. However, usually it’s due to one simple thing.

When you select the password, please be extra careful to select only the characters in the password. It’s very easy to accidentally pick up an extra space on one end or the other, which is invisible. With most passwords online these days, that extra space is seen as another character which then makes the password incorrect.

DYC Store downloads

The Dhyanyoga Centers Online Store sells downloadable chants, bhajans, and more. Here’s how to successfully save a purchased file.

Download links and instructions

When purchasing a downloadable file, please be sure to read the product description fully since any important instructions may be included there. After you purchase a download, you will see a web page receipt with download links. You’ll also automatically receive an email receipt with email links and instructions.

Note that download links are temporary and do expire, so please download your files as soon as possible. Download clicks on the web receipt or from the email receipt both count toward the download limit.

Be sure to actually save the file

Depending on your browser or device, when you click the download links in your purchase receipt, a media player might open in your browser or on your device. This is only displaying the file for you to watch or listen to, so be sure to also SAVE the file immediately.

How to save

To do this on your computer, click (or right-click) to download – usually this will be three dots to the right of the play-bar.

On your phone, tap whatever is your standard download or save button.

On the iPad, clicking a download link will most likely give a pop-up that asks if you wish to view or download. Click “download.” The question will disappear and your file will be located in the files app.

Further support
If you experience any difficulty with downloads, please click here to let us know.

Downloading Vimeo purchases

Some of Dhyanyoga Centers’ classic video titles are SD file type. When downloading your Vimeo on-demand video purchase, if some files are grayed out and you receive a message indicating the file is not available for download, please change the file type setting from HD to SD. The files will then display for downloading.

Watching satsang replays

If you click to watch a satsang replay video and it won’t load, here are some tips.

Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) as your browser, you may find that the videos will not load or play. This is due to pop-up blocker settings in IE. Try altering your settings to “low” or adding to the exceptions list. Click here for instructions. Better yet, change to Microsoft’s faster, more secure Edge browser. Internet Explorer was officially retired in June 2022 and is no longer supported.

iPad Safari

On some iPads, Safari browser might not load the video graphic but the player controls are visible. Touch the play button and the video will run normally. Other mainstream browser apps on the iPad, such as Firefox and Chrome, work fine.

Security settings

If you are experiencing issues not related to the two browsers mentioned above, please check your ad-blockers or other security features such as a firewall. Add to the exceptions list or turn off ad-blocking just for this site or page.

If you receive a pop-up that says the video could not load due to privacy settings, click the “cancel” button there and the video will load and play.

If you continue to experience issues, you might prefer to watch DYC satsang replays directly on Vimeo. Click here to access.

Event registration tips


Please use the same email address when you register each time. Your account records are based on your email address.

Update your data

Keep your information current by editing the “Personal Info” section of your account. Need to use a different email address? Change it there before you register for events.

Register the easy way

Log in on registration pages in order to automatically fill in your contact info. Saves time!

Webcast access

When you register for a live online event, look for the access button in your confirmation email. Access links will be re-sent right before the event as well. If you can’t find your confirmation email, click on “resend confirmation” at the top of the event registration page.

Access the Regfox account login page below to log in and see your registrations.

Google Calendar instructions

Do you use Google Calendar, or would you like to receive email notifications when an event or registration deadline is coming up?

Adding the DYC Calendar 

If you are logged into your Google account, simply click this link (or the URL below) to add the DYC Events calendar to your own. If you do not have a Google account or aren’t logged in, you will be prompted to log in or create one.

Alternate method: You may add DYC to your computer’s Google Calendar by pasting in the URL address above, via these instructions:

1. Open Google Calendar.
2. On the left, next to “Other calendars,” click Add. From URL.
3. Enter the calendar’s URL address.
4. Click Add calendar. The calendar appears on the left, under “Other calendars.”

There’s also a link to the DYC Google Calendar at the bottom of the events page.

Google calendar app on mobile

(Please install Google Calendar app first if you do not have it installed.)

Click the calendar link above or on the DYC events page.

Google will display a non-app version of the calendar which is not all that easy to use, but you can change this:

At the very bottom of the blue and white calendar page from Google, look for a small set of text links that say “View: Mobile | Desktop”. Click on desktop.

Next, at the top of the new page that loads, look for big blue button that says “open.” This takes you to the Google Calendar mobile app where the Dhyanyoga Centers calendar should now be visible.

Receiving Notifications (computer calendar)

To turn on notifications for events or for registration deadlines:

1. Hover on “Dhyanyoga Centers” in the left sidebar of your Google Calendar.
2. Click the three vertical dots that appear.
3. Click “settings” in the pop-up that opens.
4. Scroll to “Event notifications” and “All-day event notifications.”
5. To receive notifications for DYC events, turn on “Event notifications.”
6. To receive notifications for registration deadlines, turn on “All-day notifications.” You might also wish to scroll down and turn on new events, changed events, canceled events.

  • Events are set with start/end dates and times. Registration deadlines are set as “all day events.” So you may opt in separately to each type of notification.
  • Please note that we do not observe or receive alerts about your activity or notification opt-ins.

Turning on notifications in the Google mobile app

1. Click the menu icon in the upper left
2. Scroll down and click on settings
3. Click on Dhyanyoga Centers calendar
4. This brings up the “Edit Calendar” screen where you may add what notifications you want. You may turn on either type or both:
—”Default notifications” are for events.
—”Default notifications (all day)” are for registration deadlines.