The Grace of the Guru

Shri Dhyanyogi said, “The teacher is a gardener in the garden of the student’s growth.”

When you meet a true yogi, you’ll know it. They may not look as you imagined, there may be no fireworks, but you’ll feel a unique internal joy as your prana rises upwards. Good and positive thoughts arrive and pain and sorrow dissolve. Your mind becomes focused and your heart tells you that you are in the presence of a true yogi.

Shri Dhyanyogi said, “The Guru is not a taker but a giver. The seeker is on the receiving end. All you need is dedication and surrender because when you are completely open, you can attain the maximum benefit of the Guru’s grace and energy.”


After nearly forty years living in near seclusion, Dhyanyogi had the intuition to begin offering public programs where he could teach meditation and give shaktipat to all spiritual seekers. 

Anandi Ma

When Dhyanyogi met Anandi Ma for the first time, he said that he had never met anyone so spiritually advanced at such a young age. His work lives on through her as his spiritual heir to the lineage. 


Dileepji was introduced to this path at a very young age and is a meditation master in the lineage. At the request of Dhyanyogi, he works along side Anandi Ma. He is a living model of service and surrender.

A remarkable history

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The role of the teacher

The teacher takes the responsibility to lead the soul back to God. —Dileepji

To learn a complex science like medicine we can go to medical school, read books, attend lectures, perform research, and even develop our own treatment protocols. But an essential part of our preparation would be working under the guidance of an experienced practitioner.

To become a great artist, we need to learn technique, and we also need inspiration. To develop from childhood to adulthood, we require not only education, guidance, and inspiration, but also absorption of nourishment and energy from our parents, loved ones, and from nature herself—the sun, the food we eat, and the air we breathe.

In learning to meditate, the student benefits from the instruction, guidance, and inspiration of a meditation master who is able to perceive the subtle progress of the student. In Kundalini Maha Yoga, the teacher directly transmits her energy to the student. Absorbing this energy has the same effect as fueling a car or charging a battery—it increases our power resources and hastens our spiritual evolution.

The greatest gift from the teacher in Kundalini Maha Yoga is shaktipat. Through this initiation, the teacher awakens the spiritual energy in the student and forms an ever-lasting bond through which she can provide guidance on an on-going basis. Shaktipat with Anandi Ma is a special event not offered every year. If your soul is calling you to receive shaktipat, visit our First Steps page to learn ways you can begin to prepare and orient yourself to walk the path of Kundalini Maha Yoga.