Puja Requests

Puja at Nikora ashramShri Dhyanyogi’s presence has become more tangible with the completion of the Prana Pratistha ceremony in Nikora. Disciples can now benefit by having pujas and japa performed and offered at the temple by the priest. Pujas bring special blessings for the entire family as well as for the individual.

How to arrange for a puja:

1) Select your desired puja in the form below. Click the “Pay Now” button at the bottom.

2) You will see a Paypal payment form. Make your payment for the puja with credit card or from a Paypal account. After paying, be sure to click the link that returns you to DYC’s website.

3) You will see a second form with information you must provide that is necessary for the puja preparation, including a way to upload a photo of the puja recipient. If you don’t return to that second form, you can reach it by clicking here.

If you prefer to submit the photo as an email attachment, email pujas@dyc.org. (If emailing, please include your name and the date you submitted your puja request.)

4) Please submit your puja request at least one month in advance of the date you wish the puja to take place. DYC requires that time to complete preparations.
Thank you

Step 1) Select a Puja

then click "Pay Now" at form bottom

Cost: $51 US For birthdays, wedding anniversaries, shaktipat anniversaries and the new year

Cost: $121 US For removing financial difficulties

Cost: $51 US For spiritual growth

Cost: $31 US For spiritual growth

Cost: $175 US Helps spiritual growth

Cost: $501 US Helps with health and recovery

Cost: $375 US Helps with health and recovery

Cost: $175 US Helps overcome mental weakness

Cost: $301 US Helps reduce the intensity of fruits of a past specific negative karma