Shri Anandi Ma

A great soul here to do divine work

How did a young teen end up being the spiritual heir of a ninety year-old yogi?

In 1972, young Anandi Ma wanted to do an anusthan—intense practices—for nine days. On the final day, she went into a deep meditation and later said she’d had a vision of Mother Durga “shining with the light of 1,000 suns.” For weeks, she remained in this altered state, dancing ecstatically, taking on the personality of baby Krishna or playing the flute.

Her family asked Shri Dhyanyogi to visit. When he met Anandi Ma, he gently woke her from her meditation and asked about her experience. How did she envision Durga? Anandi Ma told him about what she saw, and how Durga came with a lion or tiger. Was she frightened? No, because Mother is smiling! After this interview, Dhyanyogi said, “You are a great soul who has come to do divine work.”

Shri Dhyanyogi was overwhelmed with joy to meet her because he immediately recognized her as the one who had the spiritual capacity to continue his work. He introduced her to his students as his spiritual heir.

For four years Dhyanyogi worked with her continually so that she would be in complete control of her prana. During this time, Anandi Ma entered profound states of meditation, danced ecstatically, and performed spontaneous healings.

When he was invited to the USA in 1976, Anandi Ma came with him and they worked side by side as spiritual equals.

When Dhyanyogi later returned to India, he asked Anandi Ma to continue his work. Since then she has worked with the support of Dileepji to spread the light and love of her lineage and her beloved sadhguru, teaching meditation, advanced yogic practices, and doing humanitarian work.

My goal is for you to reach your own source, know your self, go within, and find your internal truth.

To my guiding light, the soul of my soul, the captain of my ship and the grace of the wind that leads to the shores of Supreme, may I always remain a humble servant.

—Anandi Ma