Medical Center

Providing world-class medical care

World-class medical care

Since beginning in 1998, Nikora’s medical clinic has provided critically-needed, free medical care to hundreds of thousands of people from local villages. Volunteer surgeons have saved the eyesight of over tens of thousands by performing free cataract and glaucoma surgeries.

The need for medical care outgrew our limited space, so we built a new clinic which opened in 2015. In its first year, the demand for services at the expanded medical center vastly exceeded expectations, with over 20,000 people receiving free medical care. In 2023, the clinic was further expanded to include two additional floors, allowing the eye department its own dedicated floor with added surgery capacity and space for all eye-related services.

To further enhance eye services offered, the clinic now has the latest machines for retina scanning and glaucoma detection. New rooms added include new pre- and post-surgery rooms, additional doctor rooms, a dark room and two operating theaters.

The original Shri Anandi Ma Medical CenterTwo additional floors of the Medical Center completed in 2023

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New floors were added to the Shri Anandi Ma Medical Center in 2023. We are grateful for the continued support of our patients and their families and are committed to providing the best care for their eye health as well as general out patient, x-rays, dentistry, orthopedics and physiotherapy.

Surya Puja dedicating the new floors of the Medical Center | January 26, 2023