a special opportunity


In Antioch, California

Saturday, September 23

All September 23 slots are full

Shaktipat Initiation from Shri Anandi Ma

The greatest “shortcut” to self-realization is the rare and precious gift of shaktipat initiation. Shaktipat is the awakening of the kundalini by a realized teacher. We think of it as lighting a candle with one that is already lit and glowing. Even if you’ve had an experience of your kundalini, shaktipat initiation balances and stabilizes the energy.

Anandi Ma is offering shaktipat in person this year, in Antioch California

A limited number of openings for September 23 will be filled on first come first serve basis.
Update: Slots for this date are now filled, but you may ask to be put on a waiting list.

For more information, click the button below to contact Cynthia, our shaktipat coordinator.