Shaktipat FAQ’s

Q How do I know if Kundalini Maha Yoga is the right path for me or if Anandi
Ma is really my teacher?

A: Choosing a teacher, especially a spiritual teacher, is a matter of the heart and soul. Dhyanyogiji has said, “When your inner urge is very strong, a guru, or teacher, will appear. He has also said, “When you are drawn to a true guru, you get an upward feeling, your energy flows upward. Any impure thoughts in your mind calm down and are replaced by pure ones. You always want to be in his or her presence. You feel peace of mind. You feel that the guru does not have any selfish interest.” If you feel you agree with the philosophy of the path and the teacher and you experience any activity of the prana, it is a good indication that Anandi Ma could be your guide.

Q: What is a guru? How does he or she work with you?

A: A guru is a teacher, a being through whom God’s energy works for the benefit of others. The guru removes darkness and is the giver of knowledge. A true guru has the ability to ensure that you achieve the ultimate goal – that of becoming Self-realized and God-realized, experiencing the truth that you are one with God.

Q: What does it really mean that the guru assumes responsibility for my
spiritual evolution after shaktipat?

A: When a true guru transmits his or her energy to you via shaktipat initiation, awakening the kundalini, a subtle bond is created. The guru’s ultimate responsibility is to take you to the final goal, God-realization and liberation from the cycle of reincarnation—a goal that ends in merging back with your divine source. Anandi Ma has stated, “Spiritual evolution is partially affected by one’s past karma, but the greater part lies in one’s hand now, in the present. You can use your free will to move spiritually upward. Your self-effort and the grace of the Lord and guru can overcome the past.” The guru-disciple relationship is a partnership, and it is you as the student who benefits by reaching the ultimate cause of your being.

Q: If I received initiation from another guru, can I now receive shaktipat initiation from Anandi Ma?

A: If you are open and if your previous guru has no objections, you can receive shaktipat from Anandi Ma. The water of the river is the same everywhere. You can drink from any part. Everything comes from God who is the ultimate guru. Do understand, though, that you will have to add the practices given to you by Anandi Ma to the ones you are already doing.

Q: I really feel like I don’t deserve shaktipat initiation. Can that be so?

A: When the soul attains a human body it is ready and worthy. It is your birthright to merge back with God. Likewise, the very fact that you have had the grace to find Anandi Ma says that you are worthy. Dhyanyogiji has said, “Who am I to decide whether any individual is worthy or not? That decision is made by the kundalini shakti, Herself. It is enough for me to understand that every being is part and parcel of the Supreme.”

Q: What if it doesn’t “take”? Can I receive shaktipat initiation again?

A: Dhyanyogiji has said, “With this path and lineage, shaktipat, taken once, is complete and permanent.” There is no need or specific benefit in receiving it more than once.

Q: I have heard that an active kundalini brings about major changes at all
levels of one’s being. Is it safe to receive shaktipat?

A: Kundalini is the creative Mother energy. Dhyanyogiji has said, “When the kundalini is awakened through shaktipat there is never any harm physically or mentally.” As you are
receiving shaktipat initiation from a realized teacher, it in no way poses a dangerous risk to you, but instead provides many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Anandi Ma comes from a very long line of realized kundalini masters. After shaktipat initiation you are protected and guided not only by Ma, but also by the entire lineage of teachers on this path.

Q: How will my life change after shaktipat?

A: Your life is likely to change in many positive ways, and always in a manner you can handle. You are protected and guided every step of the way by Anandi Ma and an entire lineage of ancient masters of this great yogic science. “It is after shaktipat that the kundalini brings about different situations in one’s life to help you evolve – to come closer to the goal. If one sees these situations negatively, the growth will be slow. If one moves along with the energy, then the
growth will be fast.”
Keep in mind that your experience is determined by your efforts, too. Dhyanyogiji has said, “Once you have received shaktipat, the Shakti energy does the necessary purification. Your job is to meditate regularly, and follow the instructions of the guru.”

Q: Do I become instantly enlightened when I receive shaktipat?

A: There are a few individuals who experience the ultimate goal of Self and God realization immediately or shortly after receiving shaktipat. But even with an active kundalini, we are daily exposed to lifestyles that affect us energetically in adverse ways. However, in following the recommendations of the guru to do daily practices, we can mitigate the effects of any negative energy we encounter.