Setting up your altar

If you’re preparing to set up your altar space for meditation, here are some recommendations. Ideally, choose a particular time and place for your regular daily meditations and stick with them. It’s best if you can arrange an area where no other kinds of activities take place, and use that area solely for meditation.

After shaktipat, disciples usually place photos of Shri Anandi Ma and Shri Dhyanyogiji facing them when they meditate because there is tremendous energy (shakti) transmitted from the pictures. Also on your altar, you might like to place incense, flowers, and pictures of saints or deities that appeal to you. Representing them in your meditation are is beneficial.

The altar area is your sacred space and should therefore be in a place others are not likely to walk through. Do not sit for meditation in an area that is very open or exposed. There should be protection from the weather and from disruption by other people, animals, or insects.

Avoid conversation just before and after meditation. It is best to get your questions and doubts settled at some other time.

From a subtle energy perspective, the best direction to place your altar is so that you are facing north or east when you are sitting in front of it.

For more information and inspiration for your meditation space, see our About Altars and Asans post.