Puja Request Form

Disciples can now benefit by having pujas and japa performed and offered at the temple by the priest. Pujas bring special blessings for the entire family as well as for the individual.

A puja is a Vedic ceremony, and an anushthan is an extended recitation of particular mantra over a certain number of days. The priests who do the ceremonies are hand-picked by Shri Anandi Ma.

Ma says that even the act of requesting a puja has an immediate subtle effect that continues until the completion of the ceremony.

To arrange for a puja or japa (anushthan), complete the form below. Upload a photo of the puja recipient. If you’d rather send the photo as an email attachment, you can do that by emailing it to pujas@dyc.org. When emailing, please include your name, and the date you submitted your puja request.

Please submit your request at least one month before the date you choose for the puja or japa. Dhyanyoga Centers requires that time to complete preparations. Thank you.