Antioch Center

California, USA

Built to support the spiritual work of Shri Anandi Ma, our Antioch center welcomes students from all over the world to study and meditate with Anandi Ma and Dileepji through retreats, workshops and special events offered throughout the year.

The Center is open to the public, offering classes, meditation and kirtan, and welcoming all who seek to learn and grow.

Visit Us

3306 Contra Loma Boulevard
Antioch, CA 94509
(925) 779-9660

Meditation Center

The peaceful, healing energy of the Center is palpable the moment one walks through the door. We meditate together each Sunday.

Retreats & workshops

In addition to meditation programs and Vajra Panjar training, Anandi Ma and Bapuji host retreats, fire ceremonies and workshops.

Hatha Yoga Classes & More

For the local community, we offer weekly yoga classes, meditation workshops, and regular kirtan concerts. 

Dhyanidham | Nikora Ashram

Dhyanidham Nikora Ashram

Nikora, Gujurat, India

​Located in the state of Gujarat along the holy Narmada River in India, Dhyanidham ashram is nestled amid a thick, tropical landscape and houses Dhyanyogiji’s shrine as well as a large meditation hall . Built under the divine vision of Shri Anandi Ma, the ashram temple was precisely constructed as a Sri Yantra, a representation of the Divine Mother.

All are welcome to visit and soak up the peaceful energy and serene surroundings. Students of this lineage are especially invited to come for personal retreats and intense practices.

Dhyanidham Temple

The Ashram

Anandi Ma Medical Center

Worldwide Community

Over the years, thousands of spiritual seekers have received shaktipat (spiritual initiation) from Dhyanyogiji and Shri Anandi Ma. In addition to strong communities at our centers, a number of students around the world gather together to support each other in their sadhana, doing group meditations and spiritual practices, participating together in our live online events, and hosting Anandi Ma and Dileepji when they travel. Click the button to find a group near you.

California, USA

Connecticut, USA

Prague, Czech Republic

Central Europe


“My very first sight of the temple was from the bus that brought us from the Vadodara Airport. I felt much like I remember feeling on Christmas morning as a small child – I couldn’t wait to run into the temple. It pulled me like metal to a magnet. How could it pulsate with so much energy?” —Satya

At the retreat, “I felt myself to be sitting in Ma’s forgiving presence. I had offered coal with all its imperfections at the feet of the Divine Mother, and it was returned to me as a timeless crystal moment that touched the shores of eternity and deeply in my heart.”