The Practices

There are several key practices on the path of Kundalini Maha Yoga. Scroll down for a basic introduction to each of these.


Japa is a spiritual discipline involving the meditative repetition of a mantra or name of a divine power.

On this path you will learn how to use japa as a way of purifying and  focusing the mind. The  repetition of a short mantra develops concentration and brings the mind into a state of focus. This active practice also cleanses impurities from consciousness, and helps you to enter deeper states of meditation.

While japa is a tool which supports your meditation practice, on its own it can also bring about an inner peace which you carry with you throughout your day. During times of turmoil or mental agitation, repeating your mantra has a calming effect as the mind lets go of the mental activity causing the disruption. It is from this calmer state of mind that you are better able to respond and act.

“When the student gains complete control of the mind there is an experience of unique peace and joy. The student realizes the entire world is the creation of one God.”

Anandi Ma meditating


Meditation is the practice of turning your attention from external activities to inner concentration. Meditating on the breath is the simplest and most direct way to self-realization.

On this path of Kundalini Maha Yoga, you will learn the techniques for bringing your awareness to the breath and focusing the mind to increase concentration. It is common for the mind to wander and to follow your thoughts, but you will learn to bring your awareness back again to the breath.

Along with meditation techniques, you will learn breathing exercises (called pranayama) that  help with concentration. You will be taught how to integrate the powerful and subtle energies of the nervous system by performing these breathing exercises to facilitate your meditation.

Kitchen Seva in India


Seva means selfless service. Each and every person is a manifestation of God. Serving others is serving God. Since you are also God, you are serving yourself.

The practice of seva is essential to all spiritual growth. The teacher works to help you dissolve your ego and bring about full control of your mind.

Seva is key to this process. Seva helps us to let go of the ego’s wants and needs and to become selfless. Serving others and the teacher can transform your state of mind, and the mental state of others.

Group Chanting


On this path of Kundalini Maha Yoga, chanting is used daily to bring you a step closer to your true state of being.

What better way to change your state of mind than to sing? And if you sing the divine names of God, you are guaranteed to shift into a calmer more loving state of mind.

Chanting is a powerful and beautiful way to let go of the thoughts in your mind and shift your focus to the present moment. And when you are finished chanting you will notice a profound sense of peace and comfort. From here you can enter into meditation or do something externally with better results.

Headstand Hatha Yoga


Vajra Panjar, which means “Shield of the Thunderbolt,” is a group of techniques and mantras given to humankind by the great Indian spiritual teacher Vishwamitra.

Dhyanyogiji referred to the Vajra Panjar techniques as the cream of his spiritual practices; those which he considered the most fruitful, the most beneficial, the most efficient in bringing the disciple to enlightenment.

In the Vajra Panjar teaching retreat series, Anandi Ma and Dileepji teach these techniques and mantras to you, and empower you to use them effectively.

You will be taught beneficial hatha yoga postures, pranayama techniques and practices for protection of your physical and subtle bodies.


“For the first years of …I naively expected that the protection promised by the practices would prevent ‘bad things’ from happening to us. It was only during the last year that I came to realize that the real protection we are invoking… is the dispassionate state of mind (vairagya) we were developing as we identified less with worldly pleasures and pains, successes and failures, and more with the soul (atman), which is completely beyond the physical body, emotions, the external mind or personality. The mountains and valleys of life were smoothing out, and this was leading to more happiness, equanimity, and internal peace.” -Sally Biggar