Shri Anandi Ma

Anandi MaShri Anandi Ma is the head of the lineage of Kundalini Maha Yoga.

In 1972, at age fourteen, Anandi Ma had a clear vision of the Divine Mother and experienced a merging with Her. Shortly afterwards, Shri Dhyanyogi met Anandi Ma and said that he had never met anyone so spiritually advanced at such a young age.

The ninety-year-old Dhyanyogi had been hoping to find an heir to continue His spiritual work. After meeting Anandi Ma, Dhyanyogi’s guru came to him in meditation and told him to “hand over the powers of this lineage to her.” He worked with her tirelessly for four years so that she would be in complete control of the Universal Spiritual Energy.

Dhyanyogi empowered her to perform shaktipat and to guide spiritual seekers. Since that time, Anandi Ma has been offering shaktipat and teaching meditation and advanced yogic practices throughout the world.