Healing Mantra

Although this is a healing mantra, when we go to the depths of its meaning it is also a mantra for liberation. Guruji used to sing this bhajan every morning.

अच्युतानंद गोविंद नामोच्चारणभेषजात।
नश्यन्ति सकलारोगा: सत्यं सत्यं वदाम्यहम्।’

Oṃ Achyutānaṇta goviṇda nāmo chchāraṇa bheṣa jāta
Naśyaṇti sakalā rogā satyaṃ satyaṃ vadāmyaham

The names Achyuta, Ananata, and Govinda act as the best medicine.

They destroy all diseases for those who repeat them.

This is an established truth that I am repeating.


Achyute, Ananta, Govinda… These are three names of Vishnu, which are key to the healing process. Vishnu is never removed from his inherent qualities. They never change, but remain steady and constant, no ups and downs. Such a one is always established in one’s true self.

Lord Vishnu is responsible for vast functions and actions like creating, preserving, destroying, yet within himself is the state of being that has zero fluctuations. A state of absolute truth that always remains fixed and constant.

Lord Ram, with his always perfect, ideal nature, is himself an incarnation of Vishnu. These are the qualities of the Lord, but technically these are also your own inner self, your soul that is constant and true. For the soul, all is well.

This mantra helps us to become steady in the experience of the Absolute, so that it is not the body nor the mind but the spirit which is constantly our domain.

ACHYUTE means one who is constant, the unchanging truth that establishes a state of constancy.

ANANTA is one who is limitless and boundless.

GOVINDA is Vishnu as Shri Krishna and indicates the state of knowing the true self—I am consciousness. I am truth. I am bliss.

The deepest part of the healing that this mantra brings as we repeat it are all these qualities. At the subtle level, you are being reminded that you are infinite. You are boundless. At this higher level of spirituality these three names are indicating the Absolute state of consciousness.

So this is what the mantra is doing as part of the healing process. It’s not just for healing whatever we’re going through in the body and mind but is for true healing— understanding and experiencing who we are. The absolute form of God is bliss, nothing but bliss, so that is what we need to experience. By repeating the mantra we are awakening the soul, the jiva part, to again reach that state. This is our spiritual evolution.

There is so much depth in this mantra, so much more that could be said.


*Article quoted from Anandi Ma’s talk at the closing of the September 2022 Sponsored Anushthan.

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