First steps

Starting out on the path

You might be wondering how do I meet Shri Anandi Ma? How do I learn to meditate on this path? How do I bring spirituality into my everyday life?

Or perhaps you’ve had spontaneous experiences you would like to better understand. Or you’ve been looking for something real, a lineage of ancient truth to deepen your practice.

Or, like so many, your heart and soul is sparked by Shri Dhyanyogi and Anandi Ma and you are interested in receiving shaktipat initiation.


The greatest “shortcut” to self-realization is the rare and precious gift of shaktipat initiation. Shaktipat is the awakening of the kundalini by a realized teacher. We think of it as lighting a candle with one that is already lit and glowing. Even if you’ve had an experience of your kundalini, shaktipat initiation balances and stabilizes the energy. Shaktipat initiation is available both in person and in absentia.

Shri Anandi Ma is offering shaktipat in Antioch, CA during 2024

Shaktipat weekend events are currently on the schedule for May, September and October 2024. For more information about receiving shaktipat, click here to contact Cynthia, our shaktipat coordinator.

Meanwhile, see the next section for some suggested first steps to boost your spiritual progress and lay a foundation for receiving shaktipat. These will enable you to begin and deepen your practice in order to reap a richer harvest from the seed of shaktipat.

Where to begin

Like preparing our home to welcome a beloved guest, there is joy in setting out on the path. Here are some ways to get started prior to receiving shaktipat.

Join us for Sunday Meditation

Sunday morning meditations are the perfect place to start. Online or in-person, you’ll get to experience Shri Anandi Ma and Dileepji first-hand, chanting and meditating with them.

Build a Practice

A regular meditation practice connects you to your heart, makes finding inner peace a core part of daily living, and brings you one step closer to your true self.

Create a Sacred Space

You don’t need an elaborate altar, just a place that you can reserve for your meditation. A place that brings a feeling of peace, where you can build your spiritual energy.

Read about Dhyanyogi

Anandi Ma teaches that reading the lives of saints can help us deepen our understanding of the spiritual life. Dhyanyogi’s story is filled with love and a wealth of inspiration.

Live a Sattvic Life

Sattva is your true nature—the peace, goodness and light that is your natural state. Cultivating sattva raises your consciousness closer to the divine.

Attend Open Events

Each year, you will find workshops and other events that are open to attend whether or not you have received shaktipat. Meet Anandi Ma in person and attend powerful ceremonies.