Vajra Panjar 3 – Prague

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Vajra Panjar Teaching Retreat in Prague

This is the third in a series of three Vajra Panjar Teaching Retreats. Vajra Panjar, which means “Shield of the Thunderbolt,” is a group of techniques and mantras given to humankind by the great rishi, Vishwamitra, who received them from Lord Shiva during meditation.

In the VP retreats, Anandi Ma and Dileepji impart techniques and mantras that Dhyanyogiji referred to as the “cream” of his spiritual practices, those which he considered the most fruitful, the most beneficial, the most efficient in bringing the disciple to enlightenment.

During this teaching retreat,participants will receive advanced mantras for the Rama Raksha Stotram and will gain a deeper understanding of the path of Kundalini Maha Yoga. Each day includes teachings, pranayama, hatha yoga, satsang with Anandi Ma and Dileepji, chanting, discussion groups and twice daily meditation.

Thurs, Aug 9 – Sun, Aug 12, 2018

Prague, Czech Republic

Shaktipat in this lineage and have taken Vajra Panjar 1 and 2

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