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Guruji’s efforts to serve humankind in times of difficulties has been a great lesson in our lives and a teaching of our spiritual path as well. His love for mankind, to remove the tiniest atom of their pain and suffering, is known. He traveled for miles and miles, through the hot desert sands, not resting but with faith that God would provide, and that he would be a tool used by the divine energy to bring peace and comfort to the lives of those he encountered.

As a part of his efforts, Guruji built a hospital in his birth place to stop the maternity deaths of mother and child, so common in the area at that time. We have dreamed of continuing his sankalpa of serving the poor and needy by providing some crucial medical services at Nikora. Over the past few years, since the opening of the ashram, we have provided some social and medical services. We have had an ongoing free medical clinic and organized yearly medical camps through which hundreds of cataract surgeries have been performed. We have also distributed free food grains to the poor, supplied notebooks to school children at free or subsidized costs, and given free footwear to schoolchildren.

We have been researching the needs of the community and once again, mother-child health, nutrition, deworming, and most of all eye care through cataract and glaucoma surgeries seem to be the needs of the day. We are hoping to equip the new medical center with the necessary tools gradually over time. The costs are high and we need to develop a trained staff. We are blessed already with expert physicians who have offered to come regularly and offer their services. We have Dr. Pranay Kapadia, a well-known ophthalmic surgeon, dermatologist Dr. Rajiv Pathak, and Dr. Deepak Sheth, a general surgeon. They are all from Mumbai, one of the cities with the best and most reliable medical care in India. All three physicians are also already offering services through other charitable organizations like the Lions.

At this juncture, we deeply seek your love and support, especially through donations to equip the clinic with the best and latest tools and to provide all necessary infrastructure for the staff.

Please pledge your donations to the best of your capacities. We are targeting cataract surgeries. Presently, once we have some basic instruments purchased we will be able to offer eye and other similar surgeries at a cost (to us) of $50 per patient. We will do the basic examinations at our clinic but transport the patients to nearby facilities who have agreed to help us. Gradually, over time, we will perform the surgeries at our own facility at lower costs, barring inflation of course.

Please sponsor the purchase of the basic equipment and/or sponsor one or as many surgeries as you can per year. This will bring peace to many a soul, and shower blessings, an amazing aspect of spiritual evolution and peace. Performing charity that provides care and support to those in need is our prime dharma. Grab the opportunity. Donating towards the roots of the new medical clinic will allow your gift to work for years to come. So please reap the subtle benefits of offering care and support now, and the invisible hand of God and the loving gaze of the Guru will lift you to heights undreamed of.

Let’s work hand in hand and bring peace, joy and not only mere smiles but laughter on earth that can resonate in the universe with the name of God and the greatness of the saints, our Gurus. Anonymous rather than published donation is the best in terms of karma. Let not the left hand know what the right is giving. Also, don’t do it with any sense that you are obligated. Duty and dharma, love and compassion, that’s all that matters. Never let the ego rise. Remember, we are just mediums of the divine. Just be that hollow flute and don’t hold the memory that “I gave this donation or I did this seva”.

May God and Guru inspire and lead you through the love of life to the fun at His feet.

Love and Prayers,

AnandiMa, Dileepji

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