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Shaktipat in Absentia

Shaktipat is an initiation in which a powerful yogi transmits energy to an aspirant and awakens the kundalini. The yogi may touch the student and transmit energy through physical contact, gaze at the student sending a flow of energy from the yogi’s eyes, utter sounds that carry energy, or by transfer energy directly by thought or will (shaktipat in absentia). All methods are equally powerful.

Shaktipat has been called “the crown jewel of all initiations.” Shri Dhyanyogi attained the power to give shaktipat and awaken the kundalini only after practicing intense meditation and spiritual austerities for forty years. It may appear to us that what we are receiving during shaktipat is very easy and simple but transferring energy to awaken the kundalini is in fact a very complex procedure that only a few masters are able and willing to perform. Out of compassion, Dhyanyogi freely shared the fruits of his years of spiritual practice without imposing any restrictions and without requiring rigorous preparation. Today, we are fortunate to have Shri Anandi Ma available to us to perform shaktipat and carry on the work of Dhyanyogi.

Click here to watch a video on shaktipat, and read about the experiences of other students. Or visit our DYC bookstore check out books on kundalini and meditation by Anandi Ma and Dhyanyogi.

The donation for shaktipat in absentia is $265.00 Domestic and $290.00 International. Assistance and payment plans are available as needed.

For more information or to register for shaktipat in absentia, please contact Sarita Valentine.

Please note: Shaktipat in absentia is not currently available. Please check back in June of 2018.



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