Guru Purnima Retreat (West Coast)

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MA_Singing_CymbalsA life without devotion is like a flower without any fragrance. It’s just a thing of external appreciation, but its essence is lacking. -Anandi Ma


Open your heart to the essence of devotion at the Guru Purnima Retreat, a joyful celebration of God and Guru. This event is a tremendous give and take of love, filled with spiritual practices, twice-daily meditation, satsang (Q&A with Ma and Dileepji), sacred chanting, and Ma’s blessing.

If the Guru Purnima Retreat is the process of opening up the heart as we move toward the essence, the final day of the retreat, the Guru Purnima Day Celebration on Sunday, is the moment we arrive! This auspicious day holds tremendous opportunities for increased growth and blessings in our lives.
The Guru Purnima retreat is open to anyone who has received shaktipat in this lineage.

Important:  At the end of April 2017, Anandi Ma and Dileepji will request from the registrar the names of everyone who has registered for this retreat so that they can begin working with them on the subtle level.  If you must register after March, don’t worry – you’ll still benefit, but if you can, register before the end of March to receive the maximum benefit.

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WHEN: Fri. – Sun., July 7-9, 2017

WHERE: Dhyanyoga Center Antioch 3306 Contra Loma Boulevard  Antioch, CA 94509

Registration Fee$151 if registered by June 9, 2017. $225 if registering after June 9, 2017 (Senior Discount $136 if registered by June 9, 2017 and $202 if registering after June 9, 2017.)

Registration Deadline: June 27, 2017

Prerequisite: shaktipat in this lineage

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