Guru Purnima Retreat (West Coast)

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An invitation from Dileepji…

The full moon night of Guru Purnima is one of the three most exquisite full moons— along with Shivratri and Jnamastami (Krishna’s birth night). Just think, over the fourteen days prior to this special night all the energies are expanding every moment, pouring peace and tranquility, gearing up for the exquisite moment of the climax — the exact night of the full moon.

The same unfolding phenomenon holds true to a depth and level which can only be felt by experience as we approach the 25th anniversary of our beloved Guruji’s maha samadhi in 2019. So let’s start basking in that expanding energy NOW. Let’s get together this year for the Guru Purnima retreat and throughout the year and beyond.

We are planning a trip to the Santa Cruz area, where Guruji first stayed.

Let’s walk in his footsteps, where his footprints may have been left on the sands of the beaches there. Let’s chant in the heart of the redwood tree where his voice still resonates subtly, and sit at the feet of Lord Hanumanji, the destroyer of obstacles, at Mt Madonna.

Come, open yourself and grant the Guru one more opportunity to make you perfect. To meet Guruji, our Prefect, again. Let him work as Brahma and make us perfect beings, as Vishnu to preserve the perfect state and as Shiva to destroy all that keeps us from that perfection.

DON’T MISS this once-in-a-lifetime chance!

The Guru Purnima retreat is open to anyone who has received shaktipat in this lineage.

Read more about Guru Purnima here.

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Thurs. July 26 – Sun. July 29, 2018

Dhyanyoga Center Antioch
3306 Contra Loma Boulevard
Antioch, CA 94509

$225 if registering early, and $301 if registering after July 5, 2018
Webcast $151

Senior Discount Price
$202 if registering early, and $270 if registering after July 5, 2018
Webcast $131

Earlybird Deadline
July 5, 2018

Final Registration Deadline
July 16, 2018

Shaktipat in this lineage

Important Change in Registration Process
: Beginning in January 2018, all event registration deadlines will be firm. If registrations are not received by the final registration deadline, attendance at the event will not be possible. Please make note of all registration deadlines to avoid any disappointment.



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