Ten Day Bhuta Shuddhi Anusthan

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Ten Day Bhuta Shuddhi Anusthan

As a part of Anandi Ma’s and Dileepji’s desire to be able to work more deeply and closely with disciples from the 21st through the 25th anniversary of Guruji’s Mahasamadhi, they have organized and scheduled a series of ten day Bhuta Shuddhi Anusthans. They have urged disciples to attend at least once and ideally, once each year.

Besides the Bhuta Shuddhi mantra anusthan, basic japa of the Guru mantra, pranayams, fire ceremonies, special meditations with bija mantras and abhisek for the corresponding energies of each chakra will be performed, along with chakra bhedan processes. Optional abhyanga and shirodhara treatments will be offered and certain herbs helpful in clearing the nadis—and to some extent the chakras— will be utilized in these treatments. This will purify the subtle body and thus allow a deeper and more thorough flow of the prana. Additionally, essential oils will be used on specific marma points to open and intensify the prana.

Dileepji will likely be present and there may be satsang with Anandi Ma.


Friday, July 6 – Sunday, July 15

Dhyanyoga Centers – Antioch
3306 Contra Loma Blvd.
Antioch CA 94509

Shaktipat in this lineage

$750 if registered on or before June 14, $850 if Registering after June 14.

Senior discount price
$675 if registered by June 14 ($775 if registering after June 14).

Earlybird Deadline
June 14, 2018

Registration Deadline
June 25, 2018 ~ Registration now closed

Important Change in Registration Process: Beginning in January 2018, all event registration deadlines will be firm. If registrations are not received by the final registration deadline, attendance at the event will not be possible. Please make note of all registration deadlines to avoid any disappointment.



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