A devoted heart

Dileepji was twelve when his father brought Shri Dhyanyogi home to visit. At first he viewed Dhyanyogi as a grandfather, and did his best to analyze whatever Grandpa said, asking about the meaning of practices and the details of scriptural stories. Dhyanyogi gently brushed away his questions saying, “The energy that touches your heart is what brings you to divinity. The important thing is to become Brahma, not to know how many hands and heads he has.”

Dhyanyogi’s deep love and compassion for humanity touched and inpired the young Dileepji. In his teens, Dileepji dedicated service to Dhyanyogi, helping him with retreats and accompanying him on pilgrimages.

Throughout his years at school, Dileepji spent as much time as possible with Dhyanyogi and performed intense spiritual practices, mastered many yogic disciplines, and became one of Dhyanyogi’s most advanced students.

Upon giving Dileepji his spiritual name, Shri Dhyanyogi said the name meant “One who wins the hearts of others.” One of his students asked, “What is the nature of the energy that flows through Dileepji?” and Dhyanyogi’s answer was simple. “Mine,” he said.

A model of service and surrender, Dileepji has devoted his life to doing Dhyanyogi’s work, first as his translator and later by offering teachings and shaktipat with Anandi Ma.

Pray to change the hearts of people. Minds are hard to change.

Live in the soul, not in the mind.