Hanuman Chalisas for world peace

A goal to achieve together

Given the challenging times we are in both on personal and global levels, Anandi Ma has requested that we chant Hanuman Chalisas for peace and happiness for all beings. Between now and the Mahasamadhi Retreat in August, disciples who know the Hanuman Chalisa should chant as many as possible.

The goal is to chant a combined total of 125,000 Chalisas. To be included in the tally, chant the chalisas while sitting on a your asan. Keep track of how many you do so we can reach the collective goal. Please see the FAQ section below for further details about doing this Hanuman Chalisas Anushthan.

UPDATE: See FAQ below for how to report your recitations to be included in the count.

The beauty of Hanuman

Words from Anandi Ma about Hanumanji: “The state of Hanuman’s perfection is so profound, with not an atom of blemish or flaw, and in the sense of that complete beauty he is personified. He is so beautiful, he is so pure, he is so complete that he has kept the Lord under his spell. He has the ability to do that as a devotee.

“So whenever Hanumanji is remembered, whenever he is thought of, because of his state of purity and because he has the Lord under his spell, under his love, that same energy can flow to and through us.”

37 Chalisas with Anandi Ma

21 Chalisas at three minute pace

FAQ ~ Anushthan details

Has Ma specified how to do this practice?

Yes. To be included in the tally, the Hanuman Chalisas should be chanted while seated on your asan and without distractions (e.g. not while you are walking or driving, watching TV, listening to music). Have a candle, small ghee or oil lamp burning while you chant. 

Any Chalisas you chant in a group setting such as Guru Purnima retreat, the DYC Sunday Program, or in groups of your own count toward the total.

Do I need to do a sankalpa for this anushthan?
Anandi Ma has already done the overarching sankalpa (intent) for this anushthan.

If you have learned any of the purification and sankalpa practices from Vajra Panjar teachings, before starting each day please do the purification practice and say your personal sankalpa for the number of recitations you will complete that day.

Otherwise, before you start, simply set your intention mentally that you are reciting the Hanuman Chalisas for world peace and the benefit of all living creatures.

Does the Sunday Program chanting count?
Yes, the Sunday program offers the opportunity for group practice during the Hanuman Chalisas Anushthan.

Between now and August 14, each Sunday at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, we will recite at least 21 Chalisas together as part of the anushthan, during our Live Online Sunday Program. Click here for schedule and access to the livestream.

Chant along while seated on your asan, and ideally join in the meditation afterwards.

If I'm already chanting Chalisas for another purpose, do these count?
If you are already chanting Chalisas dedicated with a different intent (e.g. a teacher’s health), you may continue. However, please note that these will not count towards the total for this anushthan that is for world peace and the welfare of all. 
I don't know the Chalisa. Can I still participate?

Yes, the words to the Chalisa are in the Dhyanyoga Centers Chant book starting on page 72, or click here to download a PDF of the Chalisa.

Can I chant along with a recording?

Yes. To chant along with Ma or Guruji, click one of the videos in the sidebar on this page or visit our online store for a rare vintage recording of Guruji chanting the Chalisa, with subtitles and translation.

Can non-disciples participate in this anushthan?
Yes! Every heart and voice makes a difference.
When and where do I report my total recitations?

Use the form linked below to report your personal recitations of the Hanuman Chalisa.

Please report the cumulative total recitations you have completed personally, whether done alone or with a group.

When to report:

1. Now (end of July – halfway through the anushthan) to track how we are progressing

2. Again right before the Mahasamadhi Retreat begins – by August 17

3. And again the end of the anushthan: August 20 is the last day, but you can enter your final total up until August 22.

Thank you! Whatever number of recitations you do helps us accomplish the goal, no matter how many. Every recitation counts!

Click here to tell us how many recitations you have done.

What number do I enter when reporting?

Each time you use the form to report your recitations, enter the cumulative total you have chanted between Guru Purnima and the day you submit the form.

There have been some questions regarding how to count the recitations of the Hanuman Chalisa you recited as part of the Group chanting during Guru Purnima: REPORT THEM ON THE ONLINE FORM. Each person reports their individual recitations, whether performed alone, with a partner, or in a group.

If you fully recited any Hanuman Chalisas during the Guru Purnima Retreat, chanting along with the live stream, include those as part of your recitation total.  On the first day of the retreat, Ma led us in 32 Chalisas. The following day we did 37. If you chanted along with some or all of these, include your chants in the total you report.

Example reporting: The first time you report, the number might be 197 (for example, 69 chanted during Guru Purnima Retreat and 128 chanted by yourself in the weeks that followed). In this example, the second time you report you would include the former 197 *plus* what you chanted since the last time you reported. Each time you report the numbers will be cumulative, including all recitations to date.

How will our numbers be provided to Anandi Ma?

The aggregate total number of recitations will be provided to Anandi Ma for purposes of tracking toward the combined goal of 125,000 total recitations.

Privacy and support

Why does the form ask for information about me?

We ask for your email address so that we can contact you if we have a question about your form (such as a duplicate entry). Your email address will NOT be saved to a mailing list or used in any other way except what is stated here. Your email and other information submitted will be permanently deleted in 30 days.

We ask for your country because Anandi Ma is always interested in where disciples are practicing all around the world.

Providing your name is optional.

If you have further questions not answered on this page, please reach out to Dinesh (at) dyc.org