Larry’s Experience of the Path

Shri Anandi Ma’s Thanksgiving Message

Prayer For World Peace

Shri Anandi Ma chants the Prayer for the Welfare of All Beings, then translates into English.

Ma’s Message about Adhik Maas


Shri Anandi Ma’s Blessing for Nepal

  Many of us are deeply saddened by the recent earthquake and aftershocks that have caused such devastation in Nepal.  In this video, Ma invites us to join us in a prayer for strength, courage, peace and welfare of all in Nepal. Here is a link to vetted charities offering much-needed assistance in Nepal.   […]

A Mother’s Day Blessing from Anandi Ma

A Unique Blessing A NOTE FROM BAPUJI Dear Ones, Sita Rama.  Blessings are always very special.  At times, though, a blessing goes beyond special and becomes unique.  Ma’s Mother’s Day blessing this year falls into this category and is one of a kind. While Guruji was here in the U.S., we recorded his chanting or […]

A Single String of Beads

Text from Shri Anandi Ma’s talk at the celebration of Guruji’s birthday in Nikora, December, 2014.

Guruji and Shri Anandi Ma Chanting

Watch a rare video of joyous chanting from a retreat in the seventies. 

Shri Anandi Ma’s Mothers Day Blessing

Kirtan in Antioch