About our logo

Since the time Dhyanyoga Centers’ earlier logo was designed, general interest in yoga and meditation has grown significantly to where meditation and unity are becoming part of the greater consciousness. In that beautiful, growing context, we created our new logo to convey more specifically the heart of our particular path and lineage.


The feet of the Guru
The lotus feet of Ram
Our footsteps on the path


In the heart of the logo is a symbol we can view multiple ways: The feet of the Guru, or Lord Ram’s lotus feet, or your very own feet walking the spiritual path. The Guru’s feet are precious to our lineage. Sacred texts salute the Guru’s sandals as a boat that helps us cross the great ocean of life.

The bindu
Ajna chakra (third eye)
The sacred OM


The bindu is the jewel-studded point that is the origin of origins, the birth of consciousness, and the source of sacred sound. It attracts the Divine and makes God spellbound for you. As Kundalini rises through the chakras, she reaches this third eye point and resonates the sound OM.

The lotus flower
Chakras blossoming
Divine beauty and purity

With spiritual practice we become like the lotus. We learn to float on the water’s surface, pure and serene despite the murky world below. On our path, the lotus blossoming is also associated with the purified, open chakras, and Anandi Ma’s ashram temple in Nikora is a beautiful lotus.

A spiritual unfoldment

Putting the symbols together, we see the spirit of this path— our devotion, surrender and spiritual growth via our love of God and Guru as we walk the path of Kundalini Maha Yoga.