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The Guru's Teachings

Unconditional Love

Butter needs a little heat to melt, but Guruji’s heart melted just looking, just thinking about the pain of others. That constant flow of love and compassion flowed from his eyes intensely.  [read more]

Antioch bookstore and classes

Dhyanyoga Center at Antioch

Our Antioch location hosts kirtan, weekly yoga classes, and a bookstore. Shop online or visit Antioch for books, music, supports for your practice, ayurvedic products, and more!  [read more]

Nikora Medical Center

Ma and I are extremely happy to announce that the construction of the medical center at Nikora is complete.

Sponsor an Ashram Cow

At a recent Mahasamadhi Retreat, Dileepji spoke of the enormous spiritual energies present within cows and of the benefit of caring for these precious beings.

Antioch Center

Our Antioch location
offers a serene healing environment for the body, mind and spirit. Yoga classes, retreat days,
and more.

Ram Navami (Lord Ram’s Birthday)

Experience the Divine during this celebration of Lord Ram’s birthday. Anandi Ma and Dileepji will guide us in devotional practices as we move closer to Lord Rama...

Upcoming Events

Fasting Batter Recipe

by Kajal Dhabalia Fall is here and soon Navratri will be upon us as well. I’ve always loved the 9 holy days of the divine mother. Anandi Ma and Dileepji have always recommended taking advantage of these high energy days to do an anusthan—setting aside time everyday to do a dedicated set of practices for our […]

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