Boat ride Chanting

I am a sixty-four year old, twelve-year disciple who has never participated in a multiple day DYC event before.

Now that I have finished shedding tears because the Guru Purnima retreat is over, I have to sum up by saying that I feel awe and gratitude. I am in awe of how everyone involved worked together to make the retreat run smoothly, to make the space beautiful, to make each person feel that their individual needs were important, to make all the pieces come together into a cohesive whole.

I am filled with gratitude to Ma and Bapuji for coming and for giving their all to make the retreat meaningful for everyone. It means everything that they are willing and able to be so available to us. I am so grateful that I went!”

Many thanks,


Click here for info about the 2013 Guru Purnima celebrations in CA and CT.

Chanting is fun and joyful on so many levels. It is a microcosmic experience of what I love about being part of the DYC community. As we begin to chant we are often ragged and un-unified but as each of us comes into alignment with the resonance of the melody and the words we also come into alignment with each other – all tuning to the same vibration. It is the same experience I have when in the dance of seva (service); the Energy is directing me and I am moving in synchronicity with the other sevites. Or when I am in perfect alignment with the people I am serving and I am able to give them just what they need.-Sarita V


My mind was wandering, throwing out thoughts and adding to the discomfort. You could be home on the couch, watching tv. Instead you are here, repeating a mantra over and over. What are you thinking? A smile came to my face and the tension in my body released. For a moment I saw my ego. I was the witness, the observer of this source of thoughts, wanting to convince me that there were other things more enjoyable I could be doing. But how could I have this experience of awareness without being here doing the practices? My smile grew wider. I don’t always understand, but the experiences speak for themselves. I know something is taking place. And though I cannot put it into words or fully appreciate what is happening, I know something is happening. It’s what I need to be doing. -Unknown


At Guruj’s birthday celebration in Antioch this month, there was no lack of devotees, devotion, incredible food or the sweet nectar of Ma’s and Guruji’s shakti. As the ceremony progressed I could not help but fall into deep meditation, hardly able to participate in the ceremony in an outward sense.” —Brian, Jan 2013


“By the final meditation on Sunday, I felt [recharged and] renewed. I wondered at how blessed I was to be a part of this. I felt my doubts dropping away and realized how thoroughly [the Divine] had worked with me at such a deep level to help me clear obstacles toward my soul’s evolution… I knew then and know now that I will never be the same. What a demonstration of working to destroy the ego! No doubt, there’ll be more of that to come, but I am so grateful to have started chipping away at this hard blockhead!” -Satya Jane


At the retreat, “I felt myself to be sitting in Ma’s forgiving presence. I had offered coal with all its imperfections at the feet of the Divine Mother, and it was returned to me as a timeless crystal moment that touched the shores of eternity and deeply in my heart.” -Chandra


The retreats are “…the deepest nourishment for my soul.”