Shri Dhyanyogi

dhyanyogi in meditationShri Dhyanyogi (1878-1994) was an enlightened yogi who became head of the lineage of Kundalini Maha Yoga in 1921, after forty-three years wandering across India, seeking God-realization.

After nearly forty more years living in near seclusion, Dhyanyogi had the intuition to begin offering public programs where he could teach meditation and give shaktipat to all spiritual seekers.

At that time in India, to receive such an initiation meant years of preparation to prove one’s worthiness.

But in his compassion, Dhyanyogi experienced that the only pre-requisite for this blessing was the sincere desire for spiritual evolution, and that people living ordinary lives should have the opportunity to evolve. He felt that his life mission was to share his spiritual power freely, saying, “My house is on fire. Loot what you can!”

If you would like to learn more about Dhyanyogi, you may order his biography here: This House is on Fire