The Guru's Teachings

Unconditional Love

Butter needs a little heat to melt, but Guruji’s heart melted just looking, just thinking about the pain of others. That constant flow of love and compassion flowed from his eyes intensely.

Ma’s Message about Adhik Maas


Satsang, April 12, 2015

Listen to a satsang recorded on April 12, 2015.

Happy Mother’s Day

“. . . let Mother’s Day remain not only a social event, but give it spiritual significance by remembering all aspects of the mother.”

A Single String of Beads

“Such a being in one’s life is extremely rare, not in the past, not now, nor in the future. By that greatness and grace we are all bound together in a single string of beads.”

The True Journey

Like Guruji, we need to reach to that true eternal aspect within us. Then and then only, we will have the answers that we truly seek.

Thirst for God

A firm asan, total concentration, extreme enthusiasm, and profound restlessness and desire to merge is the way to meditate and the way to do japa.

Two Holy Rivers

The gap, the distance between the disciple and the goal is sadhana, spiritual practice. Sadhana reduces and ultimately dissolves the distance between the two and brings one closer to the other.

Who Is Ram?

Satsang with Shri Anandi Ma Devotee: Who is Ram referenced in the Guru mantra? Shri Anandi Ma: Ram was an energy source or mantra that existed when creation began, before the actual birth of the human Lord Ram, which may be 25,000 years ago, no one knows for sure. Ram is both the Formless and […]

The purpose and power of the Guru mantra

Ma’s 2013 Guru Purnima Talk, Part II   The following is from Shri Anandi Ma’s talk at the Guru Purnima Celebration in July 2013. In part one of this talk, which was published last year, Ma talks in depth about the Guru-tatwa. In the following excerpt she explains the purpose and power of the Guru […]